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Agent Account Info

You will fill out these fields when you create your HouseFlashaccount. It is originally retrieved by clicking the 'Create new account' button. After account creation, this information is accessed via the Agent Menu, Account Info button. After you personalize your password, most of this information will remain unchanged.


Name: Enter your name, as you wish it displayed on various pages. For example, John Smith, Mary P. O'Conner-Smyth, J. P. Morgan.

Password: Change your password here. We recommend at least 6 characters including both numbers and letters. This password is used to protect update access to your information. For security purposes, you may wish to change your password periodically.

Web Name: Enter the name you want to appear in your web address (URL). For example, Jonathen Smythly-Brittania may prefer to refer people to a web address that is simply his initials, 'jsb'. Mary Jones might feel that 'maryjones' is easiest, and Barbara Cathcart might use 'barbara'. There are a number of considerations due to the nature of the web: the ‘webname’ cannot contain spaces or special characters, and must be all lower case. It will also be used to log into your account.

Email: Enter or change your email address. This address is to communicate with HouseFlash. You may use a different address for your clients.

Website URL: If you have a website at another address, you can enter the name of that site here. If entered, we will redirect a visitor to your site if they enter

Note: To display your listings on your own website, ask your website administrator or designer to replace the current URL for your listings with the following: where the ‘webname’ is your HouseFlash ‘webname’. This will bring your listings into a frame within your website page; i.e. your listings will be framed by your own page top and/or side.

If you wish to display the HouseFlashpage top and listings; i.e. the complete page, ask your website administrator or designer to replace the current URL for your listings with the following: , where ‘webname’ is your HouseFlash ‘webname’.

City: Enter the name of the city most common to your listings. This value will be prefilled on the Update Listings data entry page. You can override it for individual listings, or leave it blank here if you prefer.

Prov or State: As with 'city', default for province/state.

Country: Enter your Country here. Does not display, but is required for the mapping function.

Other Notes and Info: You may use this area if you would like to provide any additional information to the administrators of HouseFlash.

How you found us: Please tell us how you heard about HouseFlash. You may enter any text in this field.

Referred by: If you were referred to us by a current member of HouseFlash, please enter their name here. Bonuses are paid to members for referral of new members who use the service for a minimum of three months.

Acceptable Use: All members of HouseFlash agree to abide by the policies laid out in the Acceptable Use Policies document.