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Even if you are not displaying the HouseFlash Page Top, you must fill out this page. This will ensure that your contact information is available on every page that a visitor might print by adding your contact information to the footer bar of every display of your listings and of every enlarged picture. You can change this information on the footer and page top by selecting the Contact Info button at any time.

You can enter any number of contact entries. If there are no entries the system will show you 'phone' and 'fax' as suggestions. The system always provides you with 3 additional blank entries in which you can add new information. If you have more than 5 entries in total, add those entries, 'Save Changes', then add more, etc.

To remove an entry, either type over with new information, or blank out the existing information to delete the entry.


Order: Optional. By default the system will show the contact information in the order that it was entered. If you enter numbers between 0 and 999, to change the order that you want the contact entries displayed. Blank in this field is the same as entering zero.

What: Enter text to describe the type of contact information. e.g. phone, fax, cell, email.

Info: The details that you wish to provide for each contact entry.e.g. number, address, time (day/night) etc. It is possible to enter a great deal of data here, if necessary. Avoid too much clutter.