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Update Listings

There are two areas on this screen: the actual list, followed by controls for, and information about it.

Within the list, you can click on the address to review and modify any and all information about that listing. You also have the option of adding a new listing.

The list controls area allows you to refine the list as you prefer. Note that if you change a control you must then press the 'Revise List' button to have it take effect.

For information about entering and updating information about each listing, see the Update Property Listing Information page.


Search for: Enter a word or a phrase to have the list limited to those listings that have it in their text.

Selection: status = You can reduce the size of the list by choosing a particular status.

sort by: Use this selection to change the order of the list.

properties per page This defaults to 10, but you can reduce or increase this number as you prefer.

There are xx properties in this list. This is to inform you of the number of property listings found by the current selection specification.

This is page xx of xx. This is to give you an idea of where you are in this list. When appropriate, you will also see '<<' and '>>' in blue and underlined, and they will allow you to move to the next and previous pages in your list.

Revise List If you change list controls, you must press this button to have the revised list created.