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This is your 'home base' for managing the information contained in, and presented on, your website. This menu is designed to provide you with an overview and certain high-level summary information. You can also explore deeper and/or modify information whenever you see the gold arrow. The various categories of information on this screen are:


Your last access date: As with most computer systems, the HouseFlash system automatically records when your login was last used. You may find this useful to confirm that no one else is using your login.

Authorized until date: Based on your payment arrangements and account status, this shows the date until which visitors can query your HouseFlash listing information.

Update Listings: Use this function to add or maintain all of your property listing details and photos. This function is also available at all times through the upper menu by clicking on Update Listings. Once your account is set up, this is likely the only function you will normally need to use.

View Listings: Use this function to display your listings, without the page top. The format of the summary listing is selected in the 'Extra Options' function.

Listings with Page Top: Use this function to display your listings, with the page top.

Visitor Stats: Use this function to display a report on the number of visitors to your summary listing page and to each of your listings.

Referred Agents: Only accessible if you have referred other agents to HouseFlash, this screen lists those agents and the referral bonus calculations related to them.

Page Top Settings: This function allows you to add two pictures and a tag line to the top of your listings pages. People usually use a headshot photo and a realty company logo for your realty company.

Contact Info: This is where you can edit the contact information that will be displayed on the top of your listings pages. It is also included on all detail pages or photos so that anything printed by the client will contain your contact information.

Extra Options: This function allows you to customize the look of your listings: background colors, display of the summary and detail text , and also what fields to include in the title bar, such as title, street, area or price.

Account Info: Use this to change your display name, login password, default city, prov/state, and country. You can also identify how you found HouseFlash, and the name of someone who referred you.

Subscription Records: This is where you go to sign up for a subscription to the HouseFlash Listing Service. We use the secure PayPal on-line payment service to process payments. PayPal is the largest provider of this service in the world.

Your subscription can be activated or cancelled any time you wish.