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Subscription Records

This page allows you to both set up and monitor your payments to HouseFlash.


Current Subscription and Payment Selection:

This is where you go to sign up for a subscription to the HouseFlash Listing Service. HouseFlash uses the secure PayPal on-line payment service to process payments. PayPal is the largest provider of this service in the world.

Your subscription can be activated or cancelled any time you wish.

  • Selecting a Subscription Package

    For the Step by Step procedure to Authorize Payments to HouseFlash Click Here

    Subscription and Payment History:

    The bottom section of the page displays the history of all your subscription and payment transactions relating to HouseFlash. They can be used to reconcile with PayPal and credit card billing data.

    Date: Date of the activity

    Activity: Short description of the activity; e.g. subscription signup, payment, etc.

    Method: PayPal

    Paid: Amount paid by this transaction in the currency of the transaction

    Days: Number of days added or subtracted by this transaction

    Months: Number of months added or subtracted by this transaction (usually blank)

    Notes: Any special explanatory notes for adjustments or bonuses etc. from HouseFlash administration.

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