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Referred Agents

This page displays a list of all the agents which you have referred to HouseFlash, as well as details regarding their subscription and your referral fee. When the referral fee has expired, the agent will display as expired.

The information displayed here is to assist you to confirm your referrals have been recorded, and to calculate what bonuses you may receive. The actual bonuses are calculated at the time of payment and depend on what subscription is in effect at the time. Therefore the amount you actually receive may change if your referral changes their subscription.

This page is accessible from the Referred Agents button on the agent menu. The button only displays on the Agent Menu if you have referrals. The list is sorted by agent status and then agent name.


Agent Name: Displays the name of the agent(s) you referred, as long as they still have an account with HouseFlash.

Agent Status: Current account staus of the referred agent with HouseFlash.

Ref $: Dollar value of the referral fee; calculated by multipying the referral % times the package price. The currency of the Ref $ is determined by the currency used by the referral to pay HouseFlash.

Ref Expiry: Date on which referral bonuses will or did stop being paid to you for this agent.

Ref %: % of the subscription fee to be paid to you for this agent's referral. Expired referrals will display here as 0%.

Package Price: Dollar value of subscription related to this referral. This is the $ value which is multiplied by the Ref % to determine the amount of your fee. The currency of the package price is determined by the currency used by the referral to pay HouseFlash.

Package: Name of the subscription package related to this referral.