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Page Top Settings

This page allows you to tailor the information presented at the top of pages that your visitors see.

This page top is also displayed when someone clicks the link for your name at the bottom of your listings.

If you are displaying your HouseFlash listings on your own site, this pagetop is only displayed when someone clicks the link for your name or email at the bottom of your listings. We do recommend that you fill in the pagetop and contact info so it is available for your visitors.

You have two options for the presentation of your pagetop. Option 1 (fill-in-the-blanks) let's you uploaded a couple of pictures, type in some text and you're done - the system will create an attractive display of that information Option 2 is good if you have a graphic that you'd like to use for the entire top of each page.

Option 2 is selected by uploading a picture for the image in Option 2, and de-selected by deleting that picture. Please note the suggestions and considerations below if you decide to select this option.

Option 1 (fill-in-the-blanks):


Tagline: Enter a message that displays in large italics at the top of the page under your name (which appears as you entered it on your "Account Info" page).

Sales Rep: Your title, usually Sales Representative, as required by law in some areas.

Photo: A photo of you such as a headshot is normally placed here. This picture will be displayed at the top left of the page header. Click Browse to select the photo from your computer.

Logo: A picture of your agency logo or an award, or anything else you'd like to display. This will be displayed at the right margin. Click Browse to select photo from your computer.

Option 2 (upload an image for the entire pagetop):


When you upload a picture to use for "Image" you are also selecting Option 2. To return to Option 1 merely delete the Image picture.

This image must be no more than 750 pixels wide. This size will allow it to display nicely on more screen resolutions that your visitors may be using.

We very strongly recommend that you keep the height to a minimum. A narrow band across the top can look very sophisticated. In contrast, a tall pagetop can make your visitors have to scroll down the page before seeing the very first listing.

Image: The picture to be displayed at the top of the page. Click Browse to select the photo from your computer.

Contact Info: You can choose to display your contact info with your pagetop graphic image. If you choose:
-- "Show below", your contact info will be displayed centered below your image;
-- "Show beside", it will be displayed to the right of your image on multiple lines;
-- "Don't Show", will not show any contact info in the pagetop area (it will still appear at the bottom of all your pages).