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eMail Notifications:

The eMail Notifications tool is intended to help you to keep your name and your listings in front of past, current, and potential clients. It is used to send notifications to all of your visitors who requested to be notified of updates.

It is simple for your visitors: they can sign up for notifications by clicking on an icon that is displayed on every page (your summary of listings, on every detail page, and in the expanded pictures window). They just enter their name, their email, and whether they prefer notification for this listing only or for all listings.

It is simple for you: you just enter a "headline", push a button, and it's done.

This tool is located on the Property Listing Maintenance Menu.

The eMail Notifications function will identify if anyone has requested notification of changes to each listing. For new listings, it will identify everyone who requested notifications for any of your listings. You control if a notification is sent for a specific change or not; e.g. correction of a spelling error may or may not require notification.

Message content is free form, so you can send whatever message you choose; e.g. Price Reduced, Open House Sunday, May 3rd, New Pictures, Sold, Sold in 5 days!, Sold for asking price! This message is displayed as the "Subject:" of the email as well as in bold print beside the primary picture of the property. Also in the email is an automatic link to the detail page of the property listing.

Every email contains a link at the bottom which allows the recipient to unsubscribe at any time if they are no longer interested in these notifications. This includes if they sign up for the same listing twice and also if the sign up for specific listings and also all listings.


eMail Notifications: This field is informational. It advises you how many clients want notification of changes to this listing. This includes everyone who asked for all listings or this specific listing. For a new addition, it would include anyone requesting notifications for all properties.

Message: This freeform text is entered by you for all notifications; e.g. Price Reduced, Open House Sunday, May 3rd, New Pictures, Sold, Sold in 5 days!, Sold for asking price!. There is no limit on the size of the message, but it is included in the "subject" line of the email and should therefore be used as a brief "headline".

Send Notifications: Clicking this button starts the email production process. For details click eMail Notification Production Log:.

Send a Test: This option allows you to send a test email to your email address for verification before sending to subscribers so that you can see exactly what they will be receiving.

Tips and Notes

  1. If you have a current email list, you can add it yourself. Simply view your property listings and click on the email icon displayed on any of the pages. Note: Only enter email addresses for those people who have specifically requested to be on your list. Anything else is considered SPAM and will not be tolerated on HouseFlash Accounts.

  2. Use eMail Notifications to advise your email list of upcoming open houses.

  3. Don't forget to make the identified change to your property listing information before sending eMail Notification. People can get the email and start looking at the listing faster than you might imagine.

  4. HouseFlash will automatically check for duplicate addresses, and therefore not send multiple copies to the same person.