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Listing Format Samples

At HouseFlash there are always two pages involved in listing your properties.


Summary Listing Page

When people go to your listings on the web regardless whether they're going through your site or through HouseFlash directly they will always be presented first with a summary page that lists info on all your properties except those with a status of "invisible". Your available properties will always be presented before your "sold properties. Each of those groups is further sorted by most recently entered, but you can overrride this default sort on the Update Property Listing Information page, sortkey field.

The Summary Listing Page is available in three formats. Format 2 gives the most information right up front and larger pictures. However, if you have a lot of listings, one of the other formats may be better for you. You can choose the default format to be displayed on your site on the Extra Options page by selecting the desired Public List Style.

The summary page, the detail pages, and expanded pictures pages all display an icon allowing your visitors to request eMail Notifications for all your properties or for a specific property. For further information, see the eMail Notifications page.

List Style 1

List Style number 1, is great if you're in the habit of keeping a lot of listings online as it will be the quickest to load due to the fact that there are no pictures displayed. Click here for a better view

List Style 2

List Style number 2, is the nicest looking and gives your clients a larger glimpse of the property plus the most details without having to click to another page. This is good if you have only 5 or 10 listings as the larger pictures are slower to load. Click here for a better view

List Style 3

List Style number 3, rates in between, in that you have pictures but much smaller ones, so more listings could be here without greatly impacting the load speed. Remember most people will not bother looking through pages that load very slow, so it's best to keep just your current and best listings on at one time. Click here for a better view

Property Detail Page

When clients click on the links or the pictures for any property from the Summary Listing Page, they will be shown the detailed page for a property.

The Property Detail Page always shows a large version of the main property picture and mid-size version of all the additional property pictures. The layout automatically flexes for different numbers of photos. As much text details as you want are also displayed on the page. You can click on the Large image to get a larger one with title and more info and you can also click on any of the extra pictures to see enlarged versions with title and description. You also have the option of using the 'automatic next' functionality. It allows the client to define the # viewing seconds per picture before automatically advancing to the next one. Clients can also use the manual arrows which let them return to a previous photo or advance to the next one.

"Side-by-side" Property Detail Style:
This style displays additional photos in a block to the right of the main photo and text. It displays them in 2 columns within the block, and will accomodate as many or as few photos as you decide to include. Click here for a better view

"Vertical" Property Detail Style:
This is the default presentation style. This presentation shows additional photos in a block below the main photo and text. It flexes to accomodate as many or as few photos as you decide to include. It automatically spaces as many of them as will fit on each row, and includes as many rows as necessary. Any title you enter for each picture will be displayed below it. Click here for a better view