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Accepted Photo File Formats

The HouseFlash Listing System accepts photos and other images in a wide variety of formats.


Acceptable Formats.

Preferred Format: JPEG or JPG. By far the most preferred type of images to use on the web for photos is the JPEG format. You can usually tell if your images are JPEGs as the file name extension will normally be .jpg or .jpeg. The JPEG format is the most popular because it enables a high quality photo image but is usually compressed in file size so that the image loads quickly. This is especially important when your clients are connected using a dial-up connection. For small images that are not photos such as your realtor logos, the gif is acceptable.

While JPEG is the preferred format we understand that is sometimes hard to get the photos in the format you need and therefore we have customized the HouseFlash software to accept several other formats. Note that some of these typically have a larger file size so may take you longer to upload.

While the HouseFlash software will upload these image types, for efficiency the software will convert all of them to JPEG format so that your clients get the best picture quality in the quickest time.

Accepted formats for photos are:

  • JPEG or JPG
  • gif
  • bmp
  • png
  • tiff
You can usually tell if your images are one of those file types as the file name extension will be one of those names.