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Property Listing Maintenance Menu

This screen is designed to give you an overview of the information you have on file for an individual property. It is divided into blocks of information, each of which has a link to the corresponding update screen, with the exception of the eMail Notifications feature which is completed on this page.


The textual information describing the selected property (from the Update Listings: page) is contained in the box with the title Your Listing Information:. To change the textual information, click Update this listing information:.

eMail Notifications: This feature allows you to send out automatic email notifications of any changes to your listings, e.g. Open House, Price Reduced, New Pictures, New Listing. Click here for detail regarding eMail Notifications:.

Thumbnails of the property pictures currently on file are displayed in the Pictures: box. You will notice that one picture within the 'Pictures' block is twice the size of any other. It is the picture that you designated as the 'primary' for the property. To add or delete pictures, or change the designation of the primary picture, or add/modify titles and descriptions of pictures to display on the detailed pages, click Revise Picture.

Tables of info: is an option provided which allows you to add or update tables which always appear after the detailed description of the property on the 'View Listings' detailed page. To add a new table, click Add a new table. To modify a current table, click on the table name of the existing table listed in the tables box.

Delete this listing: This button brings you to the 'Delete a Listing' screen. You will be shown the listing and asked to confirm that you really want to delete it. Please note that the listing cannot be restored by the system after it has been deleted, although you can enter it again.