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Property Listing Pictures Catalogue

This page is used to add or modify the pictures you will be posting for this listing. The pictures must already be in digital format on a source available to your computer; i.e. hard drive, or diskette, digital camera etc. Although the HouseFlash system accepts and transforms many graphic formats, we recommend saving pictures in jpeg/jpg format where possible. This is a standard format, which takes less space than most. The smaller the file, the less time it will take to be transmitted to the website for processing and to be saved for retrieval. If you are on a dial-up network, it is even more important to save in jpeg/jpg format.

For a list of valid graphic or photo formats that you can load Click Here.

If you already have pictures on file for this listing, you will see the thumbnail photo, and the information previously entered for this picture. You may modify the information or even delete the picture. Deleting the picture also deletes the information.

If you have no pictures on file, you will see the title, ‘Add more pictures:’


Picture: A 'thumbnail' of the actual picture. You can click on it to see the picture full size. Immediately beside the picture is the amount of space it requires on disc (and therefore also for downloading).

Order: Entering a number in this field will deterine the placement of secondary photos on the detailed 'View Listings' pages. The order of the secondary pictures can also be changed by changing the value of the order number. If no value is entered in this field for secondary pictures, by default, they will be presented in the order they were loaded. The primary picture is always #1. If you do not use the default of no numbers, then you must enter a number for all secondary photos.

Title: Short picture description, as appropriate. Displays on the detailed ‘View Listings’ pages under each picture.

Primary Picture: Check this box if this is the primary picture. This picture will be displayed on the summary (2 & 3) and detailed View Listing formats larger than the secondary pictures.

Delete this picture: Click in this box to delete the picture. This also deletes the information related to the picture.

Description: Whatever you like. This displays on the detailed 'View Listings' pages when the pictures are enlarged.

Your filename & 'Browse...': Filling in the ‘Your filename’ field causes a picture to be copied from your computer to the HouseFlash database. You can either type the entire path and filename into the box (eg. C:/DIR1/DIR2/FNAME.JPG) or use the 'Browse...' button to open a normal file select dialog box, and then just find the file and ‘open’ it. The appropriate directory path and filename will be copied to this field.

Reset: This button simply reverts the values on your screen to before you started changing them. It does does not affect any changes already stored with 'Save Changes'.