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Subscription Packages Choices

This page lists the subscription or payment packages currently available to you from HouseFlash.

Please note that we will maintain your price for as long as a package is still available when you sign up on automatic payment subscription. You'll get the benefit of all enhancements to HouseFlash, and at no additional cost to you! If you change packages, you will only be able to select from the prices and packages in effect at that time.


Package prices are quoted in both US and Canadian dollars. For your convenience, you may choose the currency to be used for billing to you. These prices are fixed for each currency, so your subscription price will remain constant and not fluctuate with changes in exchange rates. Choosing the currency that your credit card is billed in will ensure easy account reconciliation. Please note that if you wish to change from one currency to another, you must first cancel the current subscription and then sign-up for the subscription and rate package associated with the currency you now wish to use. You cannot use the "Change subscription" functionality to switch currency.

To select the package you wish to subscribe to, click in the appropriate 'Package' box. When you select the subscription package you want, the system will take you to the Payment Setup page.

You may change to a different package at any time if you decide you require a larger (or smaller) package. However, there may be a service charge and as noted above, the rates for the new package will be subject to the rates in effect at that time.

Price: The cost of each subscription package per cycle (30 days). This price is quoted in, and will be billed in, the currency noted in the title of the page.

Max Listings: The maximum number of listings that you will be able to store in your account at any one time. Please note that this is only the current total. This means that if you delete a listing from your account, that frees up your allocation to add another one.

Max Pictures: You may have as many or as few pictures associated with each particular listing as you like, as long as the total of all your pictures does not exceed the maximum number for the package. Therefore some listings can have only 1 or 2 pictures, and another listing might have 10 pictures. As with listings, if you delete a picture you gain back space to store another picture.

Refund Policy: Our minimum billing period is 30 days (a 'month'). We refund entire unbilled months, but not partial ones. Listings will remain available until the end of the month in which you cancel your subscription. You may cancel your subscription anytime by sending us an email with your details to Send the cancellation email anytime up to 48 hours before the next payment to prevent further automatic payments.