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Today's Tip: Connecting HouseFlash to Your Website

The HouseFlash system has been designed right from the start to be incorporated into any website. Use the sophisticated automation of HouseFlash to make it simple for you or your staff to record elegant real estate property listings on your website. Then you can take advantage of talented web designers to achieve a personalized look for the balance of your website.

Pay your web designer for his or her special talents and skills. But don't pay for every change to amounts, status, pictures or description. HouseFlash takes care of all the tough formatting and graphics and list management so that you can take advantage of of the web and make the most of it.

Connecting - Matching Your Look:

Adjust your settings to select the colors for the background and text of your listings and titles. You can set the titles to automatically pull information from the particular fields that best suits your style. You can hide and reveal listings with just a couple of clicks to adjust rapidly to changing situations. If you want to get fancy, you can also apply advanced HTML (hyper text markup language) formatting to your titles and/or details. You'll probably find that HouseFlash does such a good job as it is that such detail is unnecessary. Just in case you are interested, we'll give more information about this in another tip.

With the HouseFlash system, when you want to change your look with new colors or new titles, you change it in one place. The selections are only applied when your listings are displayed, so all of your existing listings immediately pick up your new settings. No expensive rewrites to every HTML-coded page. You can even change the look of your list of properties with a single click - just choose a different list style.

Connecting - The How-To's:

HTML provides great flexibility in many aspects, and this is true for connecting your HouseFlash real estate listings to your site. Choose whichever of the following options best fits with the style of your site.

Note: If you don't have a website already and just plan to use HouseFlash by itself, simply direct your clients to the following link of - http://www.houseflash.com/yourwebname replacing the word 'yourwebname' in the link with the webname that you chose for your account.

If you're linking your existing site to your HouseFlash property listings there are several methods, two of which are listed here.

  1. Put a link on your site that opens your property listings in a new window:    
      <A HREF='http://www.houseflash.com/ra/lister.php?agentid=yourwebname&top=yes' target='newwindow'>Featured Homes</A> 

    • (Note that the 'yourwebname' in the link above must be replaced with the webname that you chose for your account.)
    • This is the simplest way to implement the link, and requires very little change to existing websites.
    • Your picture, name, tagline and contact info are displayed on the top of every page.

  2. Put a link as the source for a frame on your site:    

    • This option will most integrate your listings into your existing site.
    • Use the same page top and side(s), and the same navigation bars as the rest of your site. This simple link will pull in your HouseFlash listings, and HouseFlash will take care of all the display and navigation within them.

HouseFlash gives you the control over which listings to display, for how long, and what to show for each one. Take charge of using the web as your affordable Personal Marketing tool.

Put your web address on everything you have printed: business cards, letterhead, flyers, calendars, for sale signs. Put it prominently in every ad, and tell people to see your site for more details about the property. When they arrive they'll automatically see every property you currently have available and also be able to see your other accomplishments by the other properties that you show as sold. Your print ads can be smaller and promote more! And don't forget to update your MLS descriptions to tell people to look at your website for more information.

As always, if you have any questions about HouseFlash, please email us at info@houseflash.com anytime.

    You're done in a flash with HouseFlash!

  You're done in a flash with HouseFlash!     Promote yourself 24/7. © 2001-2003 HouseFlash