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Today's Tip: Highlighting Words

There may be times when you want some words to stand out. HouseFlash lets you use some simple HTML coding tags to emphasize text.

Emphasizing An Open House
With HouseFlash there are many ways to accomplish this. First of all, because you can put whatever information you want in your listings, you can simply enter the words OPEN HOUSE and the specific details in any or all of the title, summary or detail sections of any listing.

HTML 'tags'
You can use HTML (hyper text markup language) to add the emphasis to specific text. With HTML, each code has a starting 'tag' and ending tag. The text you want to emphasize goes between the starting and ending tags. These tags are usually a letter or word surrounded by left and right angled brackets <> You can tell the ending tag because it is the same as the start tag but has a / (forward slash) in front of it.

Some examples:
Here are a few examples of how to emphasize the words OPEN HOUSE.

Text Effect Tag(s) Example of Use Resulting Look
Bold <b> <b> OPEN HOUSE </b> OPEN HOUSE
Bigger Text <big> <big> OPEN HOUSE </big> OPEN HOUSE
Red Text <font color=red> <font color=red> OPEN HOUSE </font> OPEN HOUSE
Combination <big><b><font color=red> <big><b><font color=red> OPEN HOUSE </font></b></big> OPEN HOUSE

There are other 'HTML codes', including how to specify italics. Take a look at our Help Page 'Extra Text Formatting Options' if you'd like to learn more.

As always, if you have any questions about HouseFlash, please email us at info@houseflash.com any time.

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