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Today's Tip: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Sony Cyber-Shot DSCP31 Pictures are the biggest reason that the web has grown so quickly to become a part of everyone's lives. It's important that they are done properly on web pages because they can affect how people react to the information being presented. It is critical to have good pictures and enough of them.

Many people have questions regarding the best way to get photos onto the web. Real estate agents need be particularly concerned because poor quality pictures will affect a visitors' perception of the properties. Overly large pictures may take so long to transfer to the visitors' computer that the person gets frustrated and leaves.

HouseFlash ensures that your pictures are adjusted to the same size, and that they are optimized for appearance as well as for speed of downloading. However, the final result does require that the pictures you load into the system are good to begin with.

rolls of film There are several options for loading pictures onto your website. A digital camera will be the fastest and easiest way, and they are now available for very reasonable prices. Good results can also be achieved with film cameras. A scanner can capture prints into computer files, and many photo developing labs can even send your pictures to you by email!

For more detailed information concerning photos, take a look at this entry in the online help system: Getting photos onto your computer

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The HouseFlash system automatically converts your pictures into 'jpg' format, which is the most size efficient mode for photographs. It also automatically creates smaller copies of every picture (called thumbnails) so that pages will load even faster for your visitors. And all of this is done for you: the resizing and/or reformatting, plus the display of the most effective size!

As always, if you have any questions about HouseFlash, please email us at info@houseflash.com anytime.

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