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Today's Tip: Questions That Other People Have Asked

1 - If I don't have another website how do I direct clients to my HouseFlash Listings?

sample listing HouseFlash automatically creates a free web page for every account which can be found at:
(where the webname is the webname that you chose on your Account Info page). You are welcome to direct clients to this link. Be sure to enter your Contact Info and Page Top Settings, which you get to from your Agent Menu page.

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2 - Is the wide angle lens of medium power is better or the high power is better? ... for taking pictures of the houses.

fuji fp-601 As photos displayed on the web do not need a particularly high resolution to appear clear, the lens power that you use should not make a significant difference.

The most important thing is to get a picture that best displays the room that you wish to show.

Having said that, if you're taking photos with the intention of displaying them on the web as home photos, it's best to use a lower resolution on the camera rather than higher to allow the final result from the compression to be smaller in file size and therefore be quicker to download.

For an image to appear clear on the web only requires a resolution of 75 dots per inch, which is much lower than probably any setting on your camera so any setting should be safe.

My advice would be to take the same photo several times using the various settings using a room in your own home, load all pictures up to a listing in your HouseFlash account and see which works best for you, taking into consideration both the resulting quality of the photo and it's file sizes. The goal should be to obtain a good clear photo with the smallest possible file size.

With HouseFlash you can reload the photos as often as you want, so take some time to experiment and see what works best with your camera.

Using the smaller resolution settings on your camera will also allow you to store many more pictures on the camera without running out of memory.

Don't forget you can mark any listing status as invisible so that the public does not see that listing while your are experimenting with it.

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3 - How can I show the virtual tours of my properties?

fuji fp-601 On the 'Update This Listing Information' page for every property there is a box where you can enter the 'Virtual Tour Link'. If you enter this, HouseFlash will automatically display a 'virtual tour' link for the property, the same way that it shows the 'map it' link when the address is filled in. This virtual tour link will look like other web addresses (URL's), starting with 'http://www.' etc.

As always, if you have any questions about HouseFlash, please email us at info@houseflash.com any time.

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