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Information Table Update:

This page is used to add or modify the tables you will be posting for this listing. Tables can be two or three columns wide with any title or content you choose; e.g. room sizes. You can further customize the format of your tables by selecting the Customize button on this page.

If you are adding a new table, this page will be blank with 'new table' in the Table name and Title fields, and a default type of 2 columns. If you wish to add a three column table, you must specify this at the beginning so that the page will display the third column for input.

If you are adding a new table, you will be presented with 20 rows for input. If you fill all 20 rows, but have more input, when you 'Save Changes' you will be presented with an additional 5 rows for input. You may continue this way until all your entries are input.

If you already have tables on file for this listing, you will see the contents of the table you have selected. Additional rows can be added as for new tables, if all 20 rows are filled, and more are needed.


Table name: Type any name which is relevant to the table you are adding. This information does not display on 'View Listings'. It may be the same or different from the Title.

Title: You may type a title for the table which will be meaningful to your clients. If entered, the title is displayed immediately above the table on 'View Listings'.

Type: Select either 2column or 3column. If you are changing from the default or previous selection, you must 'Save Changes' in order to bring up the appropriate number of columns for input.

Customize: This button brings you to the 'Information Table Options' page where you may select other formatting to apply to your tables including grid display, use of bullets, alignment, text bolding, column titles. This page may be filled out before or after you enter table data.

Order: If you do not enter a number in this field the items will display in the order they are input. If you wish to rearrange the order of your entries, you must enter the sequential number for all items in your list.

Column1 text: Enter any text or numbers you wish to display in column 1 of the table.

Column2 text: Enter any text or numbers you wish to display in column 2 of the table.

Column3 text: This field only displays if you have chosen 3column as the 'type' field. Enter any text or numbers you wish to display in column 3 of the table.

Save Changes: This button saves all information you have entered. The page is displayed back to you for changes or to allow you to go to the 'Information Table Options' page to customize the formatting of the table.

Reset: This button simply reverts the values on your screen to before you started changing them. It does not affect any changes already stored with 'Save Changes'.

Back: This button brings you back to the 'Property Listing Maintenance Menu'.

Delete this table: This button brings you to the 'Delete a Table' screen. You will be shown the table and asked to confirm that you really want to delete the table. Please note that a table cannot be restored by the system after they have been deleted, although you can enter it again.