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Overview of Team Accounts

This page is to provide an overview of the purpose of Team Accounts on HouseFlash. It also describes the major differences between a Team Account and an Agent Account.

The power of the team accounts is the flexibility it gives you. These accounts display all the listings from many agents in a composite list. Any or all of the agent accounts can also be used on personal websites by the agents. No double entry! As little or as much control of the agent accounts as each agent and team prefer!

A team account provides:

  • combined listings: displays the listings from several agent accounts in one list;
  • central update: can update and manage the listings for several agent accounts;
  • single billing: select a subscription rate plan that is large enough to store the listings for the entire team.

And the websites might look like this:
Agent1 example Agent2 example Agent3 example Team example

Combined Listings:


A team account is used to display the listings from many agents in a single group.

This account has no listings of it's own. It will display the listings from agent accounts - those that share the team package as well as those from any associated agents who maintain their own separate accounts.

A simple setting on each agent account specifies which team they are part of, and this causes the listings for that account to be included in the list for the team.

Select colors and other display customizations to match the appearance of the team website. All listings will show on the team site with these settings, instead of the settings in each agent account. See pictures above showing how each agent can have their own colors and settings different from the team display.

For every team account there will be multiple agent accounts created. Each agent account will have a personal picture and contact information loaded, and these will be displayed when the listing is displayed as part of a team account.

Central Update:


A team account can be used to update listings of any agent who is part of the team.

Listings can also be updated through the individual agent accounts owning those listings.

Single Billing:


The team account selects and pays for a subscription rate plan.

All associated agent accounts can decide to share in that plan. They then share in the number of listings and pictures that they can store.

Particular agent accounts can also choose to select and pay for their own individual rate plans. This gives the account it's own space for listings, and will not count in the space for the team, but still displays that agent's listings on the Team Account. This option can be useful for those who prefer to keep more listings on file than the team wishes to pay for.

Flexibility Too!


Each agent account can also be used on the personal website for particular agents. And the agent account can include a link to the combined listings of the team.

Every account has it's own settings for display options such as color and titles.

Properties automatically display using the color and other settings for either the agent or team account! On the team list the team settings are used, on the agent's list those settings are used.

Teams and agents can decide whether listings are to be updated by the agent or centrally - or both!

Particular accounts can have separate billing and still be part of the consolidated team list!

How to Set Up a Team Account:


Simply click on the "Create a new TEAM" button on the logon page.

Then follow the simple step-by-step directions on the Team Account Setup Instructions page (which is also available at any time from the Help button on every page).