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Setting up a Team Account

Welcome to learning how to set up a Team Account. Please read the Team Accounts Overview page if you'd like general information about team accounts and how they differ from agent accounts.

It's simple: create a team account, then associate new and/or existing agent accounts, then enter property listings.


Create the Team account:

  1. Sign up for a team account using the button on the logon page.
  2. Fill out the information on the Page Top Settings, the Contact Info, and the Extra Options pages as appropriate for displaying team information to visitors.
  3. When ready, be sure to complete the Subscription Records to choose your subscription package plan. Here you will select the number of listings and pictures that you are paying for. The listings on each agent that is sharing in the team subscription will count towards the maximums of the selected plan.

Create new agent accounts:

  1. Sign up for a new agent account using the button on the logon page.
  2. Select the name of the team account that you created from the list for: "Part of team:".
  3. Select Yes or No for the setting called "The team can update my listings:". (This only applies to agent accounts who are paying for their own subscription plan and space.)
  4. Click the "Save Changes" button.
  5. Log into the new agent account after you receive the email with the temporary password in it.
  6. Upload the picture of the agent on the 'Page Top Settings' page.
  7. Enter the appropriate details on the 'Contact Info' page.
  8. The subscription package for the account will automatically change to 'Team Member' for a new account when you specify the "Part of team:" when setting up the account.

OR   Use existing agent accounts:

  1. If the account is already subscribed to a personal package and you wish to change it to 'Team Member', simply visit PayPal and cancel the current subscription. Remember that the listings for an agent account can be included with the team listings whether the account is subscribed as a 'Team Member' or has a personal package subscription.
  2. Log into the existing account and choose 'Account Info'.
  3. From the list for: "Part of team:", select the name of the team account that you created .
  4. Either: Tick the box for the setting called "The team can update my listings:". Selecting a team and ticking this box automatically subscribes this account to the 'Team Member' package if there is not one currently active.
  5.       Or: Don't tick the box. You will have to go into 'Subscription Records' and select a personal package.
  6. Click the "Save Changes" button.

Entering and displaying listings:

  1. Determine whether you wish to update and manage listings centrally or have each agent do their own. Perhaps most listings are handled centrally and certain agents do their own. Or have the initial input done centrally and minor revisions, such as new price or status, done by each agent.
  2. All of the agent accounts can be logged into individually and can add, update, and delete their own listings.
  3. The team account can also be logged into, and used to add, update, and delete listings for any affiliated agent account where the setting for "The team can update my listings:" is 'yes'.
  4. See Adding Your Own Listing for details on adding listings.
  5. Displaying the listings of a team account on a website is set up in exactly the same way as for individual agent accounts. Please see Connecting your HouseFlash listings to your site for more information.

There are several subscription packages available to teams. You are also welcome to contact us to discuss a package that is tailored to your particular needs. When deciding how big an account you need, don't forget to include the number of "sold" properties each agent may wish to keep as a portfolio of their best listings. If any agent want to keep more listings than the team wishes to pay for, each agent has the option to pay for their own account, and their listings will still display as part of the combined listings of the team.

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