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The Smart Way to List Your Real Estate Properties on the Web!

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive

Adding or updating a listing is instant.

You'll have much more time to spend actually selling Real Estate or spending quality time with friends and family.

Adding a listing is so easy, it's a no brainer.

Either you or your assistant, your receptionist, or even one of your children could add your listings in just minutes, saving valuable time, and time is money!

Free website address included.

Even if you don't currently have a website setup, when you signup up with HouseFlash we'll give you a working link to send your clients to the minute that you sign up.

Intant Customization Anytime.

You can change the layout and color schemes of your HouseFlash listings anytime in seconds. Whether you just want a new look, or you switch real estate companies and just need to match their color scheme, the appearance of your HouseFlash listings can be changed in minutes to match your current and future needs - at no extra cost!

Totally Flexible Listings

Add as much or as little text as you like, add as many photos as you need to fully show off your properties. No complicated forms to fill out.

Detailed Visitor Statistics

Know how many people visit each of your listings and when, so you can analyze the effect of your promotions.

Multiple Agent Office Accounts

For groups of agents working together as a team or for entire Real Estate offices, HouseFlash offers the convenience of having one account for a group of agents, enabling the display of combined listings for the entire group as well as individual displays for each agent. Great for those offices or teams where agents may also have their own individual sites as well. One bill, one price, regardless of the number of agents.

Automatic Photo Resizing and Optimization

No fiddling around with your photos trying to resize them and compact them. Just click on the photo on your computer and HouseFlash uploads it, automatically creates several sizes of the photo for the index, listing page and automated slide show that are all created instantly. HouseFlash optimizes each photo to ensure that your photos are clear AND Fast Loading.

Automatic Page Layout and Formatting.

Your pages will always look professional as the system gives each property listing a consistent look and feel regardless of the content. No page layout required, just click on your pictures, and type in your text and you're done.

Automatic Sorting

Your newest and available listings automatically bubble up to the top of your page. You can also specify specific sorting for any particular listing if you desire.

You're in Complete Control - With HouseFlash you'll clients will never see "Listing not found" messages or broken links.

The control is always yours! Your clients see what you want them to see. And as you can mark a property as sold in 2 seconds and still display it, they'll always see your best work displayed on your site!

Spam-proof email display - your email address is automaticlly encoded to reduce spam programs harvesting your email from your site.

This will greatly reduce any SPAM that often originates from displaying your email on any website.

Always visible contact info. Your contact info, including phone numbers, emails etc are displayed on every page of your HouseFlashlistings.

Anyone visiting your website or picking up a listing that was printed from your HouseFlash site will always have your contact details ready so they can contact you the moment they think about it.

Sample Listing Included.

The sample listing included in your account lets you get started right away, by simply modifying the existing listing to meet your needs.

Spell Checker -An integrated spell checker will help ensure your listings look professional.

Your website is often the first glimpse they'll get of you, make sure it's a good one.

Automatic Location Maps - An automatic map link will appear on any listing that you enter an address.

Your clients can in one click print out directions to meet you there on time.

Virtual Tour Integration - HouseFlash integrates with any virtual tour company.

Gives you the flexibility to easily link to any virtual tour of your properties for those clients that require it. Keep all your clients happy.

Automatic Client Mailing List and Notification - Every listing includes a button for clients to indicate that they wish to be notified of any changes to either a particular listing or all of your listings. When you update a listing, just one click will automatically send an email to everyone in your list with the update highlights bringing them back to your website for the details.

Market directly to all your clients at the touch of a button.

Online Help - Online context sensitive help is available instantly from every page on the system, which explains in detail each item on the page that you are currently on. Or you can broswe the Frequently Asked Questions or Table of Contents.

Instant help is always available to you at the touch of a button.

Email Support.

Any questions you need answered can be sent to us for a quick response anytime.

Phone Support is available if needed, and someone can call you if you prefer.

Real People Contact.

Automated News and Tip Emails are delivered to new subscribers at regular intervals to help you get started. You can cancel these at any time.

You'll receive extra tips and tricks to help get the most out of your website.

Change your HouseFlash subscription Anytime - intantly - As your business expands and you need a larger package to display more listings, you can upgrade your package instanly and starting adding your additional listings right away.

You are always in control, the system grows with you and you never have to wait for us.

No-Cancellation Fees

You may cancel your HouseFlash service anytime and your automated payments will stop immediately.

Unlimited Changes - Change anything about your listings anytime 24 hours a day.

Your site is always up to date, no waiting, and you never have to pay extra for any changes.

You're done in a flash with HouseFlash!     Promote yourself 24/7. ©2001-2021HouseFlash