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About HouseFlash

HouseFlash takes advantage of today's ever-increasing capabilities in computing and the Internet to create software that the average person can use.

The HouseFlash developers have over 70 cumulative years of experience delivering computer solutions to a variety of clients.

HouseFlash originated from a realtor who was getting frustrated trying to set up a site. He wanted "a simple site that loads quickly, displays all contact information and property listings in attractive easy-to-use formats that clients will easily understand."

After much consultation with Real Estate professionals, HouseFlash was developed, tested, documented, and is now available to agents everywhere.

As Broker/Manager and co-owner of Zap-Realty, I assure you I am VERY satisfied with your service and your product. Houseflash is a brilliant concept which enables small independent Brokerages & individual Realtors to build interactive websites which rival the big guys.

Being able to maintain our Houseflash page ourselves, by staff with average computer skills, with immediate results, gives us a big advantage over the big National brokerages.

The fact that you were able to customize your service to accommodate our needs is all the more impressive. The request for visitor counts was a suggestion from one of our Salespersons at a recent meeting & I instructed Melonie to make the request, although I didn't think it would be possible. We are all very pleased with this addition, and all aspects of your service!

If Houseflash had been available to me three years ago when I established our website, it would have made things a lot simpler and saved me a lot of money and time experimenting.

Sandy McDonald, Halifax

I have to tell you how pleased we are with your work. You were/are easy to work closely with and the results are such that Buyers and Sellers visiting the site, write to let us know how great it is. What more could we ask for? Well, we could ask for our lives to be easier..... it is! As a result of your efforts, we've been able to free up a good portion of time to get on with our work.

I've built my last four websites, from HTML to Front Page. At first it was fun.... then it became a large, time-consuming hassle. Now I can update my listings in seconds! What used to be a drudge is now child's play.

I should have done this years ago.

Grace Cameron and Andy Bouchard, Ottawa,
Royal Lepage Sales Representatives

This agent did over $15 million in 2002
- without an assistant!

After having many web providers and other companies try to sell me a package and website which I can easily maintain by myself, I have found the HouseFlash service you provide to be everything I could want at a very affordable cost, and with great after service treatment.

The easy, no brainer, self controlled site from which I can do all my own work is just what I need.

Barry Humphrey, Ottawa,
Royal Lepage Sales Representative

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